Everything You Wanted To Know About The Different Types Of Makeup Brushes


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You can buy the most expensive foundation or eyeshadow palette, but you should have the right tools to ensure the desired results — in this case, quality brushes. Not all makeup brushes are created equal, there are different brushes with different functions from blending to depositing color. If you’re looking for a primer on what makeup to choose, here’s a list.

Foundation Brush


If you tend to use liquid or cream foundation, using a foundation brush is ideal because it gives a natural finish. It does not streak and gives you a seamless look.

blush brush


If you tend to opt for powder blush and are looking for a spreadable finish, a fluffy blush is a must-have that will help you blend the pigment to look like a natural flush instead of turning to clown makeup.

Eye shadow brush


When it comes to eyeshadow, the main types of brushes are blending brushes and angled brushes, which help blend and diffuse the color on the lid.

stippling brush


The stippling brush, known for its flat top, is another type of foundation brush that helps your cream or liquid foundation really seep into your skin, and it’s also great for contouring and blush.

highlight brush


This scalloped highlighter helps create a #highlighteronfleek look.

concealer brush


The angled brush with shorter bristles ensures you can remove blemishes and dark circles.

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